Project CNX18A

Fresh-Crop “Direct From Source” Coffee-For-CoffeeCoin!


Set CNX18A includes 2 x 250g bags of whole bean arabica coffee from the first pickings of the new 2017/2018 harvest at the Doi Whan microlot in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand. Worldwide shipping via tracked email is included in the price. Payments ONLY accepted in CoffeeCoin Utility Token. Rate based on 24 hour USD average value from Waves DEX trade data. (Updated every few minutes.)


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PREVIOUS: CoffeeCoin Project 1 “CNX17A” 2016/2017 DoiWhan Microlot sold-out & shipping completed. All order & tracking data has been transmitted to and preserved on the blockchain. The project’s blockchain data is now viewable and searchable on our platform at